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one in difficulty, help will come around

    A devastating earthquake magnitude-8.0 hit Wenchuan County of southwest China's Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008. In seconds, It claimed tens of thousands of people’s lives and families. The toll of death and injured are keeping rising. The disaster deeply touched every Chinese and closely linked our hearts together, especially the leaders of the State council and the CPC leaders. Just as the saying "one in difficulty, help will come around, as along as we have love, no catastrophes can not be overwhelmed”. So we Aonisi act soon after the quake, an emergency meeting was held to call for all Aonisi people to donate their love for the quake-area people, to show our support to them and to make them known all people care for them. The donation finished on May 19, the first day of the National Mourning Days. The total donation is 14128 RMB, though it’s too trivial for such a terrible disaster, it expresses our care and hope for the victims and those who are survived, we hope they know all Chinese people’s hearts are together with them, we will be along with them all the way to overwhelm the disaster, and we wish they can quickly recover from the pain of quake to rebuild their confidences for future life, and to reconstruct their families.
All our donations will be forwarded to them by Zhejiang Red Cross.

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