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Three Tendencies Gradually Appear in the Development of the Construction and Decoration Materials of Our Country

   Three tendencies gradually appear in the development of the construction and decoration materials of our country。
   With rapid development of the real estate industry and decoration industry of our country, the market’s demand for the construction, decoration and fitment materials keep on growing, by this trend, the construction, decoration and fitment material industry has entered its golden time of development and presents three tendencies of commercialization, environmental protection and the intellectualization.
   0n Nov. 25, from the promotion activities of energy conservation and environmental protection materials which was hold in the key provinces and cities of the whole country, the journalist learned that at present, our country has become the biggest country of the production and consumption of construction, decoration and fitment materials in the global range and forms the production and processing systems which can deal with complete varieties of products and satisfy the demand of different levels of decoration and fitment. It is estimated that during the period of "11th Five-Year Plan", the whole nation’s annual demand of decoration and fitment materials will exceed 7500 billion Yuan.  
   Liu Changfa, the rector of china building material and industry program academy, figures that, the developing direction of construction, decoration and fitment material is closely connected with the developing level of economy and society and the degree of people’s affluence, our country ‘s construction, decoration and fitment materials will develop along three directions: commercialization, which takes the factorization production as the symbol and features to build houses as producing automobiles, and in order to adapt to this demand, the building materials industry switches from the production of raw materials to the processing of industrial finished goods; environmental protection, which holds the building materials, in the process of manufacturing, using and the disposal of offal, should cause the smallest pollution to the environment and are good for the human health, such as energy-saving room-face products and energy-saving wall body products and so on; the intelligentization, which features to apply high technology to realize the controllable adjustment of the material and all functions of the product.
   Ma Tinggui, The president of China construction and decoration association, says that, currently, a prominent problem of the construction, decoration and fitment market in China is that some inferior decoration materials flood in the market. In order to standardize the market, to improve the ornamental quality of the architecture and to help the construction enterprises and masses of consumers to select good products , new products , new material , new goods, new technology which fulfill “three major development tendencies”, declaring by enterprises and audited by experts organized by China construction and decoration association, the first patch of “energy-saving and environment-protective ornamental materials” excellently selected from thousands of kinds of decorative materials., began to be popularized in major provinces and cities in China at present. These popularized products include fluid sealant for building usage with the brand of “Golden Mouse “ and rubber floor board named “Lan Sideng”, etc.

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